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Meet Carol Guerin

Carol Guerin NMT / PT is founder and director of Mallow Physical Therapy Clinic and Mallow Recovery Centre. Carol is our lead therapist and has qualifications in:

Neuromuscular Therapy Orthopedic Sports Massage
Sports Massage Holistic Massage
Sports Strapping and Taping Cupping Therapy
Dry Needling Pilates Instructor
Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer
Group Instructor

Carol is also completing a BSc in Orthopedic and Manipulative Therapy which will include Bone manipulation/ Resetting to her skills

Carols passion and main role in the clinic is assessment and treatment of;

Chronic Pain Acute injuries
Joint dysfunction Sports injuries and rehabilitation
Joint related injuries And many more

Carol has registration with IMTA, ANMT and REPS Ireland

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